Tuesday, November 24, 2015

School Life: GAMARVANI

This year the festival of SMA3, named GAMARVANI. A cultural festival that combines traditional culture and modern art. This annual festival they hold in order to preserve and foster a sense of pride in the community at large to the culture of West Java, and also enliven the birthday celebration of Bandung to-205.

The event was held on Saturday, September 19, 2015 in Bali Field, road Bali, Bandung. Well, the main activities carried out in the event were the efforts of imaging culture through an exciting and interactive event for all young people. With the theme legend in west Java, Nyi Anteh with a legend full of cliches, drama, and also the message spiritual typical folklore of West Java.

With a concept that does not always, of course, the performers was not unusual. HiVi and Adera will with Mangala Awi, Sasadana, and also my friend Culture were invited. Not to mention there will be performances by Giri Harja puppet show, martial arts by the university Gadjah White Mega Pasksi Heritage, and many other traditional arts. Cool! Well, i got an exciting entertainment and also made me more familiar with the traditional culture, GAMARVANI!

My sister bought the ticket from me but we didn't come together. There, i was with my Friend, Mikail. And i met my old friends. I enjoyed the event, i didn't took so many pictures but more for video. I took some photos with my best friends at noon before the sky getting dark. I din't really know HiVi because all i know is Taylor Swift's songs. But i could sing along because i had downloaded the song before.

At 9 PM, the event got close to the end, but i decided to go home because i feel cramp. My mom picked me up, and then we went home and slept.

School Life: Camprt

Camprt, read Camping Pramuka Tiga. As it's a must from 2013 curriculum, everystudent has to join pramuka. So everyyear, we have to join some scout activity.

The camping started at 20 of November. At 7 AM, i arrived at school with big carrier on my bag. The carrier was so heavy. There's i put so many things that maybe will be needed such as clothes, instant food, pan, spirtus, snacks, water, ponco, knife, cap, shoes.

Not long, army trucks arrived. Every one truck carry students from one class. Because i'm the last class (IPA9), our truck arrived on the last term. Eargerly, my friends and i took the truck even our truck was the smallest size. We shared the truck with IPS students. It was okay. On the way, we sang along, took so many pictures, and shared the snacks. But we couldn't move excessively, we sat like 'ikan pindang', there's no space between me and friends on the next and front. But we enjoyed the three hours trip.

Finally we arrived on Ranca Upas. The weather was cold but the air was so fresh. We took off from the truck and get our carrier and bring the tent. We walk from the place we arrived to the camp spot. we had to pass muddy ground. We had to walk so carefully, so we stepped so slow, so we had to walk in queue. Our shoes got dirty. Our back felt pain.

Not long, less that 15 minutes, we arrived to camp spot. My team (sangga 18) got the spot to built tent besides my friend's team (sangga 17 and sangga 19). So quickly we built the tent. After built the tent, we, girls, took rest while the boys doing Jumat prayer on the mosque. After they had finished, the girls did prayer in the tent. After that, all student had lunch.

After that, we started the scout activity. Everyteam, had to pass the post by finish the game that the scout leader give. We enjoy the game. The game was coding, doing first-aid, explode the balloon, tasting our five sense and many. Beside that, we had to pass the muddy route ground. Some of my friends fell down because the road was slippy.

After finished the game and the post, the sun got down. It was getting dark and getting cold. Every team had to cook food for their team. Because there was no consumption. My team was so very lazy, we cooked instant food, we cooked indomie jumbo.

At night, next activity was so exciting! Everyclass performed something. My class performed: together we sang Hymne Guru and Lost Stars. I thought every class performed so well. After the perform finished, it was time to sleep. But i couldn't sleep. So i went out from the tent and looked for my friends. They were circling the camp fire, broiled marshmallows and chocolates. The air was super cold, so we warmed up our bodies close to each other and shared some story. After long, i felt sleepy, then i chose to back to the tent and sleep. 

The night passed so fast. The sun started rise and we had to wake up. I was still sleepy. But i forced myself to wake up when the air still cold with the fog cover the atmosphere. Then i took a pray in the tent and washed my teeth at behind of the tent because the toilets were crowded and the queue was so long. After that, all the teams cooked for breakfast. Because our team was lazy, we cooked instant food again; macaroni. After that we did aerobic. But i still felt hungry, so i asked my friend to accompany me to buy some food; nasi kuning. After that we made "hasta karya".

After that, we gathered and continued the scout activity. We divided into 5 teams and started to pass every pos again.  Every pos gave us a game. I thought this part was more exciting. The game was so engrossed, such as bebentengan, as my favorite. I really enjoyed the game. And on that day, we didn't have to pass muddy road anymore. 

After finished the pos, we went back to camp spot and packing because at 12 PM we would go home. I packed my things such as dirty clothes, remain foods, and our residues. After packing was finish, we took some picture with my friends, my team, and 32016.

And then we did ceremony before go home. But unfortunately rain came and the ceremony was disbanded. We used our ponco and take our truck to go home. On the way, i fell down because i wore sandal when the ground was really muddy caused by the rain. I didn't feel the pain or ashamed, but i feel so peeved. But unluckily, the truck that would carry IPA9, IPA1 and IPS students came so late. So we had to wait with wet dirty clothes and felt cold. Maybe after 30minutes, the truck finally arrived. Soon we got up to the truck and went to SMA3.

As soon as i arrived to my home, i ate and went sleep, i forgot to take a bath.  

Peace Day

In 1981, the United Nations declared today, the 21st of September, as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. The ways in which people can engage in the day are endless – through thinking, speaking, acting on strengthening the ideals of peace.


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Book Review: Nefertiti

Nefertiti hasn’t walked this earth for nearly 3500 years, but she is still remembered as a great beauty as evidenced by her bust which can be seen at the Neues Museum’s Egyptian Collection in Berlin, Germany. Besides, the image of her beauty what do we alive today know of her? Michelle Moran’sNefertiti’ attempts to fill in the blanks between how Nefertiti became the chief wife ofAkhenaten(who may or may not have suffered from Marfan’s Syndromebased on artistic interpretations of him on walls and statues) to being co-pharaoh with her husband. I should inject here that there is another book called ‘Nefertiti: Book of the Dead’ by Nick Drake that I read and reviewed back in 2009, which could be confused with Moran’s novel.
The story is narrated by Mutnodjmet who is Nefertiti’s younger sister as believed by the historical record. In the story they share the same father (Visor Ay who in later years became a pharaoh in his own right) but Nefertiti’s mother (whom Moran’s identifies as a Mitanni princessalthough there is speculation that Nefertiti herself was a Mitanni princess) died during Nefertiti’s birth so the sisters have different mothers. Did you get all that? Good, because to top everything else off in the book, Akhenaten’s mother is Ay’s sister so in the end it was a first cousin marriage – let’s give a shout out to recessive traits!
Although the world remembers Nefertiti as a powerful beautiful woman, Moran through the eyes of Mutnodjmet, sees her as demanding and manipulative. In fact, I found that a large amount of this novel was dedicated to making Nefertiti unlikeable. The only one who gets worse treatment in ‘Nefertiti’ is her husband. According to the historical record, upon achieving the throne Akhenaten turned away from Egypt’s multiple gods and devoted his reign to one God called Aten who was a sun deity. To praise Aten, especially because of the great social upheaval that his worship caused (polytheism to monotheism in a few short years for arguable the most powerful nation of the world at that time) Akhenaten decided to build his own city, and new Egyptian capital, near the Nile but off the beaten path. Amarna, which is just one of its few given names, lasted for about a generation before the sand reclaimed it.
In the novel Akhenaten orders his army to build the city as Egypt loses territories to neighboring nations (particularly the Hittites) which never puts a pharaoh in the good graces of his people. He makes his chief wife, Nefertiti, his co-ruler and gives her the title of pharaoh, which is a title much more powerful than being a mere queen. Of course throughout the novel there is a rivalry between Nefertiti and his first wife Kira, along with other political intrigues. All the while Mutnodjmet watches from the sidelines often wondering at the age of sixteen or so if she is ever going to be able to get married and have children… one of the things you have to get used to in historical novels, especially those dealing with events before the birth of Christ, is that people tended to live shorter lives so they got to being wives and mothers, not necessary husbands and fathers, very early in life because their biological clocks were really ticking at a different beat. Nefertiti married Akhenaten when she was fifteen (if I remember correctly in the novel).
I enjoyed ‘Nefertiti’ more for the history lesson than for the prose. I have just finished Moran’s ‘The Heretic Queen’ which I thought was a better read than this one. Although most of the plot is fiction, Moran does give her readers a historical overview along with other facts that make this book interesting. I think some of my disappointment with ‘Nefertiti’ is because Moran starts the ‘The Heretic Queen’ which is about Nefertiti’s niece, Nefertari, with a story about how Mutnodjmet’s husband, her son, her father (who was pharaoh by this time) her mother and even her nieces (Nefertiti’s children) all perish in a fire in the royal palace. The only survivor is Mutnodjmet who is then forced to marry the new pharaoh while still pregnant by her first husband. As a reader, I was like WOW and caught my breath before askingif I missed something at the end of ‘Nefertiti’. No, I didn’t, Moran just leaves this juicy part out. She ends ‘Nefertiti’ with a murder, but hope in the future that Tutankhamun (“Now, when I die don’t think I’m a nut, don’t want no fancy funeral just one like old King Tut” as sung by Steve Martin) will be a good pharaoh. There is much more to the story so I didn’t reveal that much –yet, there obviously is so much more that I felt cheated as if Moran had written four hundred and some pages and decided to end her story in the middle.
I don’t think Moran is going to be giving Philippa Gregory any sleepless nights when it comes to writing historical fiction, but I do appreciate that she has opened a new subgenre with ancientEgyptian history from a woman’s perspective. If you are interested in this time period than this book is a must read, if you aren’t than I don’t think you should bother.
BTW, I would highly recommend Moran’s History Buff website. I find it delightful.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tur Budaya

Day 1
I couldn't be calm to wait the day come. On April 20-26 all eleven graders went to Bali. We went there by train. We divided into 2 kloters. I was in kloter 1. At noon i arrived at train station, i was dropped by my mom. She waited me until i took the train. After waited so long, we started our trip. I sat with Nuraulia, but we mixed the seat. So i moved to other seat, and my friends too. It was night, i coudn't see anything thorugh the window. I really enjoyed the trip even sometime i felt so cold because the temperature was so low. Fortunatelly, my friends borrowed me his jacket because i dind't bring mine. In train, we couldn't sleep. We spent time together. I saw my friend played cards, chatted, listened to the music, and read books. I played some games, such as "garuda ada lima". It was so funny, i couldn't stop from laughing. Oh the train was so noisy. Because the trip by train was so long, finally we tired and fell asleep with low temperature.

Day 2
And i woke up. I saw  some of my friends still sleep. We were getting near to Surabaya. I took a pray in train. After that we breakfast in train. The sky was sunny, i could see the scenery through the window. Few hours later, finally we arrived at Surabaya. And then we took the bus based on class. I sat with Aliyya. Not long, finally we arrived at restaurant to have lunch then continued our trip.

Before we arrived at Gilimanuk Harbour, we ate dinner in restaurant. But before crossing the island, we had to wait our turn. At bus all of my friend getting bored. Then our tour guide turn on the music and played a song "Heroes". It was so crazy, suddenly we stood in the bus, then jump, just like we were in party! We shouted along the the song "we could be herooooooo-es, we could be heroo-es me and you... we could be!" then jump. Oh we were so excited. I will never ever forget this moment. Luckily the tires of the bus maybe was strong. It could withstand the shocks.

After that we crossed the island to land in Bali by using ferry ship. It only took abou 30minutes. And finnally we landed in Bali. Then we directly got in the bus and continued the trip. At midnight we arrived at Nirmana Hotel. I share room with Aliyya, Ahsani, Nuris, and Elvina. Because i felt so dirty, before sleep i had taken a shower.

Day 3
I woke up and then had a breakfast together, and then we went to Tanjung Benoa. Not so long, finally we arrived at the destination. There, we took so many photos. And i with my friends, played water sport. I played parasailing and jet ski. It was my first time. After that we had lunch and then, we went to Pandawa Beach as our next destination.

Didn't took so long, we arrived at Pandawa Beach. I was amazed by the beautiful scenery. I think Pandawa Beach more scenic than the other beaches i've visited. I took so many picture. I tempted to try canoe with Aliyya. It only cost 50 thousand. It was so funny! We really enjoyed it.

After that we went to Garuda Wisnu Kenaca. There, we took class photo and watched tari kecak. The day was getting dark. After that, we went to Jimbaran Bay to had a dinner. I really liked the menu. It was sea food. At that time, #32016 flied lampions. It was so beautiful. And there were some fireworks enliven the sky.

It was so tiring day, as soon as we arrived at the hotel, we fell asleep easily.

Day 4
That day, we went to Desa Panglipuran. I dont really understood what the tourguide told us. We saw their culture, it was so unique. Their house is same with others house. There, we played games. But i didnt join, because i felt i was sick. Then i wen to the toilet, when i came back, the game was over. It was okay. And then we ate lunch at Kintamani Restaurant. All the food there were so tasty and delicious. Oh in this place, i finally met my best friends, Dell and Sherly. And then i tried all of the food with enthusiastic even i felt headache and my nouse runny.

After that, we went to the hotel. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we prepared ourself, because we would go to Makrab (Malam Keakraban). We all #32016 wore neon costume, because the theme is Neon Party. I enjoyed the event. There were some performance from my friends. It was so pleased.

It was so tiring day, plus, i was sick, i quickly ran to the bed and slept.

Day 5
We went to Kuta Beach as our before last destination in Bali. We went there by. And we arrived at Kuta Beach. I only took pictures there. The weather was so hot, and it was really sunny by the way. And actually i didn't like it. There, i met Della and Sherly and took photos. We played in awhile. After that, i went to Beachwalk with Mikail. It is mall, just like PVJ. After that, i went to Krisna to buy souvenir. There, i bought some souvenir, and had lunch.

And then, #32016 went to Tanah Lot as our last destination in Bali. There, i spent time with my lovely best firends. Della and Sherly. We took so many photos here. Walked around. Chatted. After that, we had to say good bye to Bali. Because we would go to Bandung. 

The day began night. We arrived at Gilimanuk Harbour. And we crossed. We had left Bali. After that, we got in to Bus and continued our trip to Bandung and sleep.

Day 6
We woke up in bus and i took a pray in bus. This day only spent by trip in bus. This day, we visited Suramadu Bridge. And bought souvenir there, but i prefered to save my money. So i stayed in bus. At noon, we arrived at station and took eksekutif train. It was more comfortable. We were getting close to Bandung

Day 7
Finally we arrived at Bandung. IM HOMEEEEEEEEEEE

Dewa Athena VII

Wednesday, May 7
The match begin with Dodgeball game that was played by boys. My lovely class, XI Science 9, at 15.00 played against X Science 4. And so luckily they won!! But unfortunatelly the girls didn't win the match but it'was okay.
And the next match was Badminton Tunggal Putra, XI Science 9 played against XI Science 2. Alfin played so good, so we won the match yey!

Saturday, May 9
Final game began...
My class won many matches, such as Futsal Putri, Dodgeball Putra, Badminton Tunggal Putra, Badminton Tunggal Putri, Badminton Ganda Campuran, and Estafet.
First match began with Futsal Putri... The player was Elvina, Yasmin, Indri, Caca, Claudia. They were so cool. Mostly Elvina. She could play futsal so well, just like boys. And so does Yasmin. She is energetic and could bring the ball well. An the other player were so amazing too. I was just a supporter with my classmates, shouted them while they were playing just to give them support. They were compacted. The match really made me so excited yet panic. I was hoping for the winning of my class. And so unbelievable, they won. Good job girls!
After that i watched Tunggal Putri match, Caca played against X Science 5. She looked great, i believed that she is multi-talented in sport. She good at futsal yet badminton. But the rival was too strong. My friend said that she is an athlete. It's okay Caca. So the winner was given to X Scinece 5.
The next match, i watched Tunggal Putra match, Alfin played against XI Science 3. He looked great, cool, and so talented. He is strong. He is an athlete, so my class luckily to had him, and we won the match yey!
And the last was, Ganda Campuran match. So cool, Alfin and Caca still had energy to play the next match. I saluted them. After rest for awhile, they played. And so cool, they won the match! I was so grateful and proud to them.

So guys, i was so proud and happy even i didn't gave any contribution on playing in the match, but i had gave myself, my energy to gave my friends supports. My class won as "Juara Umum I" is that cool? After the few next day, my class received so many medals an one of them is so tall! Oh i really love my class, SRIKANDI